Cattywampus Grill, Atlanta’s newest and most unique food truck and catering service, is proudly owned by Shane and Shayla B., a boyfriend girlfriend Southern Duo. Who each bring their own unique experiences and strengths to the Atlanta food truck and Atlanta catering business. Read More

Shane Betterton has spent more time in a classroom than he hopes to ever spend again. With a handful of degrees and many colorful experiences to go with them, he made the heartfelt vow to never go back after successfully completing his graduate studies. With more than a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, his love for cooking has always been on the back burner. In the fall of 2014 he decided to grab the spoon by the handle and ladle up that culinary desire that so desperately needed to be stirred.

Shayla Brown brings many years of experience working in corporate America. Her relentless and uncanny devotion to making companies succeed beyond their potential, is a testament to her unique and humble character. However her true passion and love has always drawn her to cooking. With fond memories of working in restaurants in her youth coupled with the countless hours of cooking with her late grandmother, she will be the first to tell you that the gratification of a paycheck is just not the same unless you truly follow your passion and take the road less traveled.

Now Atlanta food truck catering will never be the same. Working together creating one of a kind food is something that brings so much enjoyment and satisfaction to the dynamic duo. Everyone is invited to come and try our one of a kind dishes at Cattywampus Grill. Shane and Shayla look forward to making each and every one of you, part of the family.





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  • FOOD-O-RAMA on April 16th Grant Park

    We hope y’all are as excited about Food-O-Rama as we are! We look forward to seeing y’all there. Come by our truck grab a bite to eat and say hi!


  • If it Ain’t Cattywampus, it Ain’t Southern!!!

    Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!!
    What an amazing journey this has been so far! We are so incredibly thankful for all the love an support everyone has shown us.
    Whether its your first time eating off our truck or your second third or fourth, we hope the experience was unprecedented. As the summer is rapidly approaching we hope ATLANTA is gearing up for one heck of a ride! Please mark your calendars, and make sure to stop by the Cattywampus Grill!!!



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If you’re looking for authentic Southern catered food with a fresh twist, Cattywampus Grill has exactly what you need. We preserve the integrity of Southern recipes and add in hints of flavor or innovative combinations that take your taste buds for a deliciously thrilling ride. Atlanta catering doesn’t get any better than this.

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